A trip to San Francisco’s Market Street porn cinema turns into a process of sensory overload
and deterioration. Pornography as an all-consuming black hole perhaps. A disorienting experience
scored to a soundtrack of old school blues… intense and intensely dirty if ever ambiguous,
Bump and Grind contributes at no point to political discussions about porn. No actual explicit
footage is shown. -Jack Stevenson, author of Land of 1000 Balconies

Review from Encounter's Film Festival; Bristol, UK:
"Next up was Bump and Grind (2006), directed by Ian Sundahl and quite possibly my personal pick of
the entire festival. In a dark dingy preview booth in an adult video store, a seemingly bored rather
than seedy man embarks upon viewing the most incredible found footage pornographic montage you could
probably ever hope to see. With overwhelmingly badly scratched film stock and an absolutely cracking
performance from American Underground superstar filmmaker George Kuchar, Bump and Grind is an absolute
credit to contemporary underground filmmaking."

Hi, Ian: I went to school today and screened the movie after class. It's a wonderful trip through a kind of 1970s
headspace and it gave me flashbacks to many dark exits that have been traversed by yours truly over the years.
I must say that I certainly fit in nicely to the look and feel of the picture. Its long tracking shots and
symbolic icons resonate strongly even after the headtrip is over. You all did a good job on that picture and the
print looks good too.
-George Kuchar

"Ian Sundahl's Bump and Grind is a transfixing 14 minutes of 16 mm girl-on-snake action."
-Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week

-Courtney Ferguson, Portland Mercury

Bump and Grind for Rent in Milwaukie, WI