Ian Sundahl


Ian Sundahl -Selected Filmography


2017 Beavertron; video feature (in production)
2017 Virginia Street Shuffle (post production)
2017 Heelage in 3-D (post production)
2017 2017 Eclipse 2 min, video
2016 Reno Arches 7 min, video finished on 16mm snd
2015 Tales From the Backyard 62 min, Video
2012 Simone's Home Movies; 12 min super 8mm sil
2010 The Week of March; 17min. video, finished on 16mm snd
2009 Ghost Beach; 4min 16mm 3-D, Bolex system snd
2008 Sleaze Tour 12min video
2006 Deserted Film 4min super 8mm blow up to 16mm sil
2006 Bump and Grind 14min 16mm snd
2006 Kuchar Films Queen Conga 14min super 8mm sil
2002 July 2002 4 min, video
2001 July 2001 3 min, video
1998 Nevada Sketch 9min super 8mm sil
1998 Fitzgerald's Skyway Opening 9min super 8mm sil
1997 Untitled 6min reg 8mm sil

2015 Tales From the Backyard; Director Ian Sundahl -as Ian
2012 Charlemagne!!; Dir Bob Moricz -as Roy
2011 Felony Flats; Dir Bob Moricz - as Cousin Ian
2010 Simone's Shoe Closet; Dir Fran Victor -as John Paul
2009 Prinicpia; Dir Jeff Guay -as doctor
2009 Overdose in the Hospital of Love; Dir Bob Moricz -as Detective Johnson & doctor
2008 It Came and Went and It Was Nothing; Dir Bob Moricz -as man
2008 Viajandito Por La Noche, Waiting For Those Breaks of Dawn; Dir Carlos Gonzalez Garcia -self
2008 Camera Tricks: This is George Kuchar; Dir Ronaldo Barbachano -self
2008 Coven of the Heathenites; Dir George Kuchar -self, cameo
2006 Bump and Grind; Dir Ian Sundahl -as observer
2006 Queen Conga; Dir George Kuchar -as Monsieur Walsh
1999 Turbo Comp - self
1995 Time to Collect; Dir G.R. Morris -as Hitman

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