"I did see TFTBY, and I did enjoy it. Sort of a postmodern slacker inversion of the old
horror anthology film. Nothing much happens, and (I think?) that was the point.
Very existential. And that 8mm artifact payoff at the end was hilarious! It's as if
Jim Jarmusch remade Tales From the Crypt."
-Rob Craig, author of The Gutter Auteur

if you get the chance check out ian sundahl's new picture, "tales from the backyard".
its a fly on the wall suburban boredom shoe gaze movie.
like a vacation movie made by aliens. ian's camera is super curious and picks up
on weird little repetitive movements without going in for the close-up. don't know how he does
that but he tracks human record skips really well and it left me questioning everything!
great performances too! killer cameo by bobby madness? git onnit!
-Jason T. Miles

Tales From The Backyard for rent in Milwaukee WI.